Scottish Sundayfunday


It’s beautiful days like the last few sunshiny ones we’ve enjoyed here in Scotland that make me feel almost normal.  By that, I suppose I mean I’m happier, more relaxed, in tune with myself, and just generally more like my old self. Content.

The differences I feel since moving to Scotland permanently from Portland, Oregon 2-1/2 years ago are mostly superficial I suppose: shopping, food, nightlife.  More deep rooted senses of loss are seeing my son and daughter-in-law or just knowing they’re a few miles up the road – not a continent away.  I miss my friends.  I have older friends who aren’t doing so well healthwise now and I believe I should be with them.  I miss volunteering.  There were so many great days spent helping various charities, from breast cancer to children’s charities to the arts.  Here in Scotland, I’ve tried volunteering only to be rebuffed.  The charity routinely begs for volunteers, yet rejects me because I’m American?! Really. That’s the reason.

So now I’ll go sit on our lovely American 🇺🇸 style patio, read a book by a Scottish author, and enjoy some English Gin 🍸and just enjoy today for today.


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