Happily Ever After


Suddenly, from across the crowded room, you hear a voice (cue sexy Sean Connery as James Bond voice) and your knees go weak. He walks your way. Offers to buy you a drink. Fills your head with tales of exotic places and how wonderful life in the UK is. So much slower paced than America, back to nature, less pollution, rolling hills a la the Sound of Music, great transportation system because they have TRAINS and there’s no congestion on the roads and…and…and… It sounds like a magical fairytale land far, far away.

Soon you find yourself daydreaming and before you know it, you are obsessed with getting to know all about things like cream teas, crumpets, full English (breakfast), chips (which are French fries) and crisps (potato chips), Downton Abbey, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, castles, The Beatles, and on and on and well, you get the idea.

Before you know it, you’ve left your family and friends behind as you find yourself on a plane ✈️ on an 11+ hour flight heading towards what you’re sure with every fibre of your being is your destiny. Your happily ever after. 

Cue the wicked witch tomorrow…


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