Happy 4th from the Forth


I have been neglecting my writing lately because if I’m honest, I’m feeling a bit blue.  I miss my American life. A LOT. I miss my amazing son and lovely daughter-in-law, great friends, easy lifestyle and the summer weather.  On this day, 4th of July 2017, I really feel …. lost? 

I’m writing this on yet another dreich (translation:  crappy, rainy, grey, windy) Scottish day.  Which doesn’t help.  I think we’ve had maybe 5 summer-like days.  Edinburgh has had the most rainfall ever recorded in June with 180.6mm or 7.11 inches.  Scotland as a whole has seen 75% above its average!  I long for American summers, especially on days like today.

BBQs, sunshine, going to the lake or the beach, convertibles, wearing shorts, sundresses, sandals and having picnics.  The ease of summertime life.  My missing them makes all my memories bittersweet.

Enjoy every moment.  Take nothing for granted.  As Americans, I think we tend to forget how great we have it.  Happy 4th of July. 


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