How Did I Get Here?


Not with a fairy godmother. THAT would have been soooo much easier! Remember that wicked witch I mentioned last time?
Theresa May. Well, not her exactly but UK Visas and Immigration. Maybe considered one of her flying monkeys.  
IF you decide to move “across the pond” (or more than 4,500 miles like I did) I cannot stress enough the importance of doing it the right way. Going through all the hoops like a crazed circus animal will make you want to give up and test your willpower. Not to mention break your bank if you’re not financially prepared.

First off – if you plan to come and stay in the UK “just to try it out”, GET A VISITORS VISA. This way the chances of you getting tossed out on your ear is reduced. The routine questions you’ll be asked if you travel in Europe on your American passport while visiting your paramour will be tedious, endless, seemingly stupid and sometimes, degrading.  But if you’re absolutely sure it’s what you want, check this website for up-to-date visa info:

UK Customs and Immigration
Bon voyage 🥂🍾